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Coming in September 2016

  • UK Reviews: Uncle Sam's; Wonderland; Santus; Great Yarmouth Hippodrome, Giffords.
  • Don Stacey's Odessa file, 5th festival in Ukraine
  • International reviews: Arnardo in Norway; John Cooper revisits Denmark
  • Obituaries: Noe-Noe Ernie Stevenson; Michu; Pete Cristiani; Stewart Waghorn RCA.
  • 2016 Circus Directory of the British Isles
  • Postwar circuses in Skegness Winter Gardens
  • Irish reviews and news: Tom Duffy & Son's; Gerbola; Fossett's 2nd Unit; Charles Chipperfield's.
  • News, book news; feedback;
  • Announcing the Open Day to view the CFA Circus Archive, now in the NFA, University of Sheffield.


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CFA News

CFA Rally to Circus Fantasia 2019

Saturday August 24th  - Circus Fantasia in Essex

Model Circus Exhibition 2019

7th and 8th September

Laughton Autumn Show - Show Ground near Lewes, BN8 6BN


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Circus Photo Magazine No58 February 2019

Circus Model Magazine No 26

The Greatest Posters on Earth

250 Years of Circus Poster Art by Steven B Richley

King Pole Special

The Ringmaster`s Ringmaster - The Life & Times of Norman Barrett

Coming soon:

Book: Charlie Cairoli, "39 Years Under The Tower" by Nigel Male and Steven B Richley (Publication Date 1st November 2019)

Book: Sideshow Showman, The Life and adventures of a Sideshow Showman, Fire-eater and Magician by Jon Gresham

DVD: Circus Mondao 2018

Circus Backstage series Volume 3 Zirkus Charles Knie. Late May/Early June 2019




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King Pole Special - The Ringmaster`s Ringmaster - The Life & Times of Norman Barrett

Circus Photo Magazine No58

Circus Models Magazine No 26

Circus Models Magazine Volumes 1 to 25

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King Pole 221 March 2019

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