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Bertram Mills The Circus That Travelled By Rail By David Jamieson

A Pictorial Celebration of "The Quality Show" Introduction By Norman Barrett

191 pages - photos in B/w & colour N.B. Dust Jacket faded at spine



- +
Chipperfields Circus An Illustrated History By David Jamieson

Forword by Dicky Chipperfield

191 pages - photos B/w & colour N.B. Small rips on dust jacket


- +
Circus Photo Album 2 Flying Trapeze by David Jamieson

Number One of a limited edtion

13 pages - photos B/w & colour N.B. cover rubbed


- +
Circus Models Magazine No 26

Circus Model Laurie Jackson - Toy Fair Nuremberg 2019 - Oer Erkenschwick 2018


- +
Circus Photo Magazine No 58 February 2019

Cirque Jean Richard, Cirque sur l`eau, Circus Monti, Cirque du Soleil Totem, Swiss Dream Circus, The Moscow Circus, Sirkus Finlandia, Cirque Sebastien Zavatta, Circus Knie


The Greatest Posters on Earth by Steven B Richley

250 Years Of Circus Poster Art - Limited Edition

Over 150 posters from around the globe - 68 page`s in full colour


- +
Booklet Showmans Engines by W. Pickles

24 pages, photos B/w, published 1968


- +
Four Swallows And Two Elephants by Ned Williams

180 page softback book

Presents the biographies of seven people whose lives criss-crossed the Black Country while pursuing their interest in entertainment


- +
Charlie Rivel Poor Clown By Charlie Rivel With J C Lauritzen

Used Hardback Book very good copy: Photos B/w, 272 pages, Translated from Danish by Ursula Hoare Pub: 1971


- +
Willingly to School How Animals are Taught by Hermann Dembeck

Used Hardback Book Good Copy: Photos B/w - 224 pages- Pub: 1970 


- +
Die Hohe Schule Der Raubtierdressur By Has Juren Und Rosemarie Tiede

"The High Scholl Of Predators Dressage"

Used Hardback Book Very Good Copy: Photos B/w Colour - 448 Pages - Text In German - Pub: 1997


- +
Circus A World History By Rupert Croft Cooke And Peter Cotes

Used Harback Book Ok Copy Dust Jacket Tatty: Photos B/w Colour - 192 Pages - Pub: 1976


- +
My Turn Next - The Autobiography of an Animal Trainer by Roman Proske

Used Hardback Book Good Copy: Photos B/w - 208 pages - Pub: 1957


- +
Confessions of a Showman My Life In The Circus By Gerry Cottle

Used Hardback Book Good Copy: Photos B/w - 310 pages - Pub: 2006


- +
My Jungle Babies By Rosamund Fisher

Paperback Book Ok Copy: Photos B/w - 181 pages - Pub: 1979


- +
Zoo Man Tales By T H Gillespie

"The Zoo Man of the BBC Scottish Childrens Hour"

Used Hardback Book Good Copy: 121 pages - Pub: 1960


- +
Jimmy Chipperfield My Wild Life

Used Hardback Book Good Copy: Photos B/w - 217 pages - Pub:1975


- +
Incidents In The Life Of Joseph Grimaldi By Giles Neville

Used Hardback Book Good Copy: 63 pages - Pub: 1980 


- +
Follow That Elephant (Circus Bits and Pieces) By Bunni Bartok Perz

Paperback Book (Circus Poems) USA -  Good Copy: 100 pages - Pub: 198


- +
Fairs Circuses And Music Hall By M Willson Disher

Used Hardback Book Ok copy: 47 pages - 8 plates in colour - 27 in B/w - Dust jacket grubby


- +



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CFA News

CFA AGM 2020

The 2020 CFA AGM will take place on Saturday 4th April at the National Fairground and Circus Archive at the University of Sheffield.

Booking forms were sent out with the December King Pole


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Charlie Cairoli - 39 Years Under The Tower by Nigel Male & Steven B Richley

Joan Rosaire Lady Of The Circus By Ken Porter & Joan Rosaire

The First Showman - The Extraordinary Mr Astley - By Karl Shaw

Circus Models Magazine No.28

Circus Photo Magazine No.60

Hippodrome Circus Great Yarmouth 2018 on DVD & BluRay 

Circus Backstage Series No.3 - Zirkus Charles Knie

Softback Book: Jon Gresham - The Life and Adventures of a Sideshow Showman

King Pole Special

The Ringmaster`s Ringmaster - The Life & Times of Norman Barrett

Coming soon:

Frans Nauwelaerts - Circus Kean

Stuart McMillan - Hengler`s Cirque Volume 2

100 Posters of Gerry Cottle`s Circus Volume 3  





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King Pole Special - The Ringmaster`s Ringmaster - The Life & Times of Norman Barrett

Circus Models Magazine Volumes 1 to 28

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