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Animals in Circuses and Zoos Chiron`s World"

By Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington



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La Course Aux Trapezes Volants - l`exploit de Jules Leotard

Book in French

By Pierre Lartigue 

Published in 2009

177 pgs


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The Golden Age of the Circus by Howard Loxton

Published in 1997

112 pgs -  Photo`s Colour & B/w


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Circus Photo Magazine No 56 July 2018

Circus Nock Cirque Moustache Circus Kine Cirque Arlette Gruss Circus Miranda Orfei Circus Alexandre Bouglione Cirque Romane Ritz Circus Rncalli


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Circus Photo Magazine No 53 July 2017

Contents: Zirkus Charles Knie Zirkus Alexander Richter Florian Cirkusz Circus Knie Cirque Royal Kerwich Cirque Picard Cirkus Carini Circus Sijm Circus Wonderland Circus Safari Moskauer Circus


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Circus Photo Magazine No 54 November 2017

Contents: Circ Historic Raluy Cirque Amar The Moscow State Circus Circo Rolanda Orfei Cirque Claudio Zavatta Circus Knie Circus Carl Busch Circus Monti Circus Renz International American Circus


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Circus Special No 7 March 2018

Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo 2018


Circus Models Magazine No 1

Circus Globus Circus Miehe Circo Clarissa Orfei Circo Herasio Cirque D Hiver Paris Circo Togni


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Circus Models Magazine No 2

Circus Hippodrome Circus Herman Renz Irish Circus Models Thomas Zavatta Warren Zavatta Oer Erkenschwick


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CFA News

CFA AGM 2020

The 2020 CFA AGM will take place on Saturday 4th April at the National Fairground and Circus Archive at the University of Sheffield.

Booking forms were sent out with the December King Pole


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Charlie Cairoli - 39 Years Under The Tower by Nigel Male & Steven B Richley

Joan Rosaire Lady Of The Circus By Ken Porter & Joan Rosaire

The First Showman - The Extraordinary Mr Astley - By Karl Shaw

Circus Models Magazine No.28

Circus Photo Magazine No.60

Hippodrome Circus Great Yarmouth 2018 on DVD & BluRay 

Circus Backstage Series No.3 - Zirkus Charles Knie

Softback Book: Jon Gresham - The Life and Adventures of a Sideshow Showman

King Pole Special

The Ringmaster`s Ringmaster - The Life & Times of Norman Barrett

Coming soon:

Frans Nauwelaerts - Circus Kean

Stuart McMillan - Hengler`s Cirque Volume 2

100 Posters of Gerry Cottle`s Circus Volume 3  





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King Pole Special - The Ringmaster`s Ringmaster - The Life & Times of Norman Barrett

Circus Models Magazine Volumes 1 to 28

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King Pole No.224 December 2019

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King Pole Extra: 218

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